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Conjunctions and Demonstrative Pronouns

Here are the most commonly used Uzbek conjunctions (words to connect clauses) and demonstrative pronouns.


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  • ham - also

    • used after the noun it refers to

    • ex. Ariz ham talaba - Ariz is also a student

  • va - and

    • ex. Jack va Jill talabadirlar - Jack and Jill are students

  • lekin - but

    • ex. Jack Amerikadan, va Jill Amerikadan emas. - Jack is American, but Jill isn't American.

  • chunki - because

    • Ex. U band, chunki u talaba - He is busy because he is a student.


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Demonstrative Pronouns

  • bu - this, used for something/someone close by

    • ex. Bu talaba - This is a student

  • u - that, used for something/someone further away (remember: u is also the personal pronoun for singular third person)

  • ana u - that, over there; the object is further than u

  • mana bu - this, over here; the obejct is closer than u

  • shu - this one - used for something/someone close by. Usually refers to the object/human which is specific to the speaker


u​ - that


ana u​ - that, over there


mana bu​ - this, over here

Conjunctions and Demonstrative Pronouns: Text

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