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Some basic adjectives: 

katta - big

o'rtacha - average/middle

kichik - small

  • Adjectives come before the noun, just like in English.

  • Adjectives that function as a predicate, come after.

    • Katta kitob - a big book

    • Kitob katta - The book is big.

  • Use the question Qanday? to ask How? What kind of?

    • Ex. Bu qanday talaba - What is this student like?

  • To make a comparative adjective in Uzbek, add the suffix -roq to the stem of the adjective

  • To make the superlative, eng is placed before the adjective

  • To represent than in Uzbek, follow the ablative case:

    • Ex. Azim Nordirdan yoshroq: Azim is younger than Nodir (literal translation: Azim from Nodir is younger)

  • qaraganda is used to compare things:

    • Ex. Nodirga waraganda Azim yoshroq: Compared to Nodir, Azim is younger.

  • juda (very) and nihoyatda (extremely) are also helpful adjectives

    • juda qimmat - very expensive

    • nihoyatda baland - extremely tall

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